Test Battery for ASL Morphology and Syntax

The Test Battery for ASL Morphology and Syntax (T. Supalla et al., 1995, unpublished) allows a thorough analysis of an individual’s knowledge and use of specific morphological and syntactic structures in ASL. It was designed for linguistic research purposes. The instrument has been used with more than 100 signers, aged 3 to 75 years old. A description of the psychometric properties is not yet available (Maller et al., 1999).

The test battery consists of 12 comprehension and production measures. These measures are: (1) lexical phonology production (LPP), (2) narrative production (NP), (3) verb agreement production (VAP), (4) noun-verb production (NVP), (5) noun-verb comprehension, (6) verb of motion production (VMP), (7) demographic questionnaire, (8) aspect and number inflection production (ANIP), (9) sign order comprehension (SOC), (10) verb reversal production (VRP), (11) verb agreement comprehension: single verbs (VAC-1), and (12) verb agreement comprehension: two verb sequences (VAC-2). No detailed information about the different tests is available.

The ASL test battery takes about two hours to administer and at least 15 hours to analyze (Maller et al., 1999).

Parts of the test battery have been used in other research contexts, e.g. to test the ASL knowledge of deaf children through the  ASL Assessment Instrument. The ASL test battery has not yet been published.


From: Tobias Haug: "Review of Sign Language Assessement Instruments", an earlier version of that paper 2005.